Professional Experience

Mr. Heath’s employment background involves executive positions in companies manufacturing a broad array of products.

Automotive Lifts

Mr. Heath served as chief executive and chief operating officer, responsible for technical and administrative direction of all operations of a manufacturer of automotive lifting equipment. The company manufactured 2 and 4 post, surface-mounted lifts; parallelogram, short rise and heavy-duty surface-mounted lifts; single, double and multiple-piston inground lifts.

Gas Generating Equipment

Mr. Heath served a chief executive and chief operating officer of a company division that designed and manufactured pressure-swing adsorption oxygen and nitrogen gas generators. These generators were typically employed in industrial and hospital settings where the gas generated was used for either blanketing of chemical solutions or for breathing purposes. The company also manufactured a line of high purity generators that found application in gas cutting and welding processes. The market for these products was typically outside the US where the industrial gas business was underdeveloped or controlled by the local government, or where the transportation infrastructure was such that generating these gases on-site was necessary.


Mr. Heath held executive positions in two related companies that designed and manufactured various cryogenic products. One company designed and manufactured turbo expanders used in air separation plants, centrifugal and positive displacement pumps, liquid helium research vessels, vacuum jacketed piping and valves, extended stem valves, couplers and vaporizers. The other company designed and manufactured pressure vessels and containers for different applications but generally used in the storage and distribution of cryogenic liquids by industrial gas producers. These products included DOT vessels for shipment by common carrier, fixed customer service stations from 220 to 7,500 gallon capacity, mobile customer service stations, over-the-road tank trailers and truck tanks for various cryogenic liquids, large fixed storage tanks to 50,000 gallons and pumping and vaporizing systems.


Mr. Heath also has extensive experience in the design and manufacture of valves and hydrants used in water distribution, various liquid fueled space heating products, DIY plumbing products, farm equipment and aerospace environmental control systems.

Mr. Heath’s broad background in the design, manufacture and sale of these various products and his experience in the construction of new facilities has fostered a deep understanding of the features and characteristics of the differing types of machines, tools and methods employed in manufacturing and construction; from fabricating equipment, to high tolerance and automated machine tools, to hand tools, to construction equipment and methods and, to receiving, storing, handling and shipping of products, components, materials and parts.