Lifting Equipment

The following is a list of actual situations where we have provided services.

Aerial Work Platforms
Aerial ladder deployment
Design flaws
Fall prevention
Tip over
Unintended motion
Automatic Storage and Retrieval Systems
Drive chain failure
Emergency lowering
Failure to inspect
Free fall prevention
Automotive Service Lifts
Drive screw/nut failure
Falling vehicle
Floor openings
Improper application
Inadequate instructions
Lifting chain failure
Misuse of accessory equipment
Premature wear
Ruptured hydraulic components
Safety device override
Safety device removal
Unauthorized modification
Unexpected lowering
Weld failure
Dock Levelers
Failure of counterbalance
Pneumatic actuator failure
Unexpected lowering
Vehicle securement
Floor Cranes
Loss of load
Tip over
Fork Lifts
Load engagement
Loss of load
Mast latching system
Operator station design
Personnel lifting
Suspended loads
Tip over
Gantry Cranes
Tip over
Warnings and instructions
Industrial Lifts
Inadequate clearance
Inadequate design
Inadequate safety devices
Installation methods
Instructions and warnings
Scissors modification
Unexpected raising/lowering
Overhead Bridge Cranes
Brake performance
“C” hook application
Failure to use tag line
Fastener failure
Hook latch failure
Inadequate inspection
Loss of load
Poor rigging practice
Rack and grab deficiencies
Sling application
Sling connector failure
Tandem operation
Travel obstruction
Two blocking
Vacuum lifter application
Wireless control issues
Mobile Cranes
Beam clamp failure
Failure to use tag line
Guy failure
Loss of load
Poor rigging practice
Signaling practice
Tip over
Tower Cranes
Counterfeit parts
Portable Jacks and Stands
Engine stand tip over
Failure of stand foundation
Jack collapse
Tipping of jack
Tipping of stand
Unexpected lowering of jack
Unexpected lowering of stand
Vehicle slipping from jack
Vehicle slipping from stand
Truck Tailgate Lifts
Failure of hinge
Falling from tailgate
Loss of load
Misuse of latch
Wheelchair Lifts
Deployment deficiencies
Roll stop deficiencies